The Metal Shack

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In addition to making bike frames at PDC, I also run The Metal Shack where you can have your additional welding and fabricating needs met. Because of my 20+ years of welding and light machining experience in the bicycle and food service industries I offer the highest quality services around.


  • Welding Services:
    • Specializing in Tig welding of many materials, including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
    • Small Mig welding projects also welcome
    • I have specialized training in high production welding, so 1 or 1000 parts are welcome
  • Light Machining Options:
    • With the use of a Bridgeport milling machine, tube benders and different sanders, I can offer you a wide range of options to fit your job
    • I can also help design and machine tooling to help increase production of your parts
  • On-site Services:
    • I have the capability to come to your location for welding
    • I can install most projects for you


Boiler pipe

Pipe replacement for a hot water boiler at a plating company

Quality Pulse Tig welding

Stainless drip tray for a commercial kitchen
Stainless mash tank

Stainless mash tank used for large scale beer brewing




Made a few big lawn flowers for Xmas presents this year.
Large metal yard flower




Stainless Auto trays

Stainless trays made for automobile manufacturing
Stainless Auto tray stacking legs

Stainless Auto tray stacking legs










Stainless sanitary piping in a brewery

Stainless table frame for a new restaurant kitchen










Pharmaceutical stainless pressure vessel




Standard 4' bicycle rack for your business
Standard 4' bicycle rack for your business
4' bicycle rack side view
4' bicycle rack side view




David Harrison



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