Simon Ouderkirk

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Simon Ouderkirk is DRIVEN.


I first meet Simon Ouderkirk in Binghamton, NY at the famous Belmar bar. He has

gone from a buddy I knew at the bar to one great friend. We both made the move

from Binghamton to New England and he helped show me the town of Providence.

Simon can brew a serious cup of coffee, is always good conversation over a cold

brew, he’s a true family man, and is always down to help his friends. All of those

things make him DRIVEN.unnamed-1


Here is some more information about Simon straight from him.

1) Where are you from and where do you currently live?

  • I grew up in a dairy farming town so small it didn’t even have a name really, just a direction – Westernville, NY, just outside of Rome, NY. I think in the last census the population was something like 500 people. Since then I’ve bounced around Upstate NY quite a lot, spent some time in New England, and have landed in Saratoga Springs, which is north of Albany, about halfway between Manhattan and Montreal.

2) What do you do for work?

  • I work for Automattic, the software company that is behind the website building service I’m a team lead there, working to make sure our customers are the happiest customers on Planet Earth! I also do a little coding here and there.

3) What are some fun things you like to do?

  • Ride my bike of course! I love road riding as well as hitting the trails on my beat-up old Giant Iguana. I also put together an interview podcast called Trellis to Table, which is all about helping small farmers break into the craft brewing industry – hop farmers, breweries, that sort of thing. I also like to hang out with my two ladies of course – my wife Casey and our little one – she goes by Mango.

4) Tell us about your current bike build and how it rides?

  • A bike’s never completed, you know? Right now it’s cobbled together with the parts I had on my old frame and what I had in the garage – I have big, big plans for my Wolf Pack, but I’m also super impatient, and wanted to get riding ASAP! It’s a pretty standard fixed setup – I’m really pleased with my saddle, which is an old leather Brooks that has somehow escaped multiple bikes being stolen.


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